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11 Best Items to use for a New Female Solo Traveler

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Are you traveling across the country or abroad for the first time as a female solo traveler? It’s so exciting and overwhelming at the same time!

You’re prepping for all the places you want to go to, but also stressed on what items you should be taking. These are items that I wish I had or that I bought when I first traveled solo for over a month.

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female solo traveler

A passport holder

When you have a passport, it’s important that it does not get lost or damaged. The top must-have is keeping it organized in a specific area. Don’t be like me. I put mine in a Ziploc bag because I was a broke college student.

Prevent it from bending with a passport holder and keep it somewhere safe.

A selfie stick and tripod

If you’re traveling solo, taking pictures of yourself is going to be the most difficult thing. Thankfully the country I traveled to, South Korea, had a huge selfie culture and I could buy a selfie stick and tripod practically anywhere.

A Travel Journal

When you’re traveling, it’s important to video record and take photos of your experiences. But have you ever thought to sit down and write what you observe? Consider taking a travel journal with prompts with you.

I took the “Everywhere You Go” journal and it made me sit and think about things I never noticed.

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Portable Charger

You’re going to be out traveling a lot, so you’ll need a portable charger if your phone doesn’t last all day. It’s good to get a portable charger that has different charging options for a variety of phones and devices.

If you want extra charging for your phone, you can bring multiple and not have to worry about your phone dying.

Portable Rechargeable Fan

If you’re going to a very hot country or area, bring a Portable rechargeable fan. I went somewhere humid and this was a lifesaver. You can use your portable charger to recharge it and use it all day.

I was shocked by how strong my portable fan was. A portable fan is a must in humid weather. I now use it on hot days at home too. I don’t know why I never considered it.

Travel Pillow

Instead of just a neck pillow, get a travel pillow that is more flexible to how you want to lay on it. Traveling on a plane or waiting in an airport can be so uncomfortable.

Pair it with a throw blanket for if you get cold and make sure you have something to cover your eyes for when you want to sleep.

Portable Door Lock

Another must-have for a female solo traveler is a portable door lock. Safety is increasingly a huge concern around the world, especially for women. When you get a hotel room, there can be people that have access to the room or try to even mess with the lock.

Having a second door lock on the door would prevent them from opening it if they managed to unlock the door.

Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones

I was so glad I brought wireless noise-canceling headphones with me on the trip. Do you want to hear loud talking, snoring, or crying babies when you’re trying to sleep? Not me!

I put on white noise, calm music, etc. to drown out the noise.

Waterproof Phone Pouch

If it’s going to be rainy season where you’re going or you’re going to use a pool, you can use a waterproof phone pouch to keep your phone dry.

Some money from that country

I wish I already had some won when I traveled to South Korea for the first time. There was a way to transfer my dollars to Korean won at the airport, but I wish I had more. The challenge the next day was figuring out how to use my debit card abroad.

A phone with an international plan

I don’t know why I didn’t get this. I had to call family a few times and it was $0.25 per minute with unlimited texts and very slow 2G internet. Get an international plan if you need to make emergency phone calls.

Final Thoughts

There can be a lot of little things to remember to bring. There might be something you forget and you could buy it at your destination. Just make sure you have the critical things.

What’s something you would recommend for another female solo traveler?

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