glow up in 2023

23 Best Items for Your Glow Up in 2023

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Are you ready to glow up in 2023 in all aspects of your life? In this article, I share with you products in skincare, mental health, haircare, personal finance, fitness, and travel.

Here are some of the best products in each category. There is more to glowing up than your physical appearance. You can improve your life in so many other areas!

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glow up in 2023

Products for Your Glow Up in 2023:


Mighty Patches

Have somewhere to be and have a sudden outbreak on your skin? Hide pimples with the Mighty Patch.

When I worked at Target as a Seasonal Beauty Consultant, this was one of the top most sold out products, so I tried it. I put it on a new pimple and it reduced the size.

In addition, it hid the visibility of it for the most part and blended in with my skin.

Liquid Exfoliator

Do you have stubborn blackheads all over your face? Salicylic acid is a key ingredient you could use to reduce them.

Instead of using a harsh facial scrubber, try using this liquid exfoliant. Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant is also good for reducing enlarged pores, wrinkles, and fine lines.

Facial Steamer with Skin Kit

Sometimes you have to extract your own blackheads for those really stubborn ones. This 3-in-1 NanoSteamer unclogs your pores and gets rid of blackheads.

It has ionic water particles which is up to 10x more effective in penetrating skin.


This is a great skincare oil if you are looking to fade scars, stretch marks or improve the appearance of your skin. I had got breast reduction surgery and have been using this to reduce the appearance of scars.

When I was working at Target, this was one of the top items consistently sold out. I put this on every time I get out of the shower. It’s best to put it on after you put on lotion.

Mental Health

Essential Oil Diffuser

Have you ever used scents to change your mood? I have been using this essential oil diffuser for over a year and I love that it changes colors.

It can be more affordable than buying many candles and it’s not as bad for your lungs like scented candles are.

Essential Oil Pack

You can mix and match different scents to set a variety of moods with an Essential Oil Set. There are scent combinations for stress relief, mood booster, calmness, morning vibes, cleaning, etc.

You can also put a little of the scents on your skin and hair, in your bathtub, and make candles with them.


The first thing that should be part of your glow up is a journal. In order to glow up, you have to be able to reflect on your life of what is working and what is not.

You have to get to the core of who you are first to really know what you’re starting out with. Who is the person that you want to become?

Daily journaling is good to develop a healthy mindset and have conversation with yourself. I like getting journals that have an inspirational quote on the front.


Reusable Hair Spray Bottle

Keeping your hair hydrated throughout the day is important in preventing frizz. Carry a small hair spray bottle.

It can also be used for your face or to spray mist on plants.

Hair Volumizer

If your hair is more flat and you want to try more styles, then the Revlon Volumizer can help you do that and more in one step. It dries, styles, and volumizes your hair with less frizz and reduces hair damage.

Hair Oil

The Mielle Organics Rosemary Mint Scalp & Hair Strengthening Oil is another great product that is lightweight for hair growth. I tried this product and it didn’t clog up my pores like other hair oils.

It’s especially great if you have low porosity hair. I also use it for my dry ends.

Personal Finance

Budget Planner

If you’re looking for an affordable way to manage your money, having a simple budget planner is a good thing to start with. It’s so important to track your money if you truly want to build wealth and stop being broke.

You can use a budget planner to estimate how much you can save, invest, pay down debt, pay bills, and allocate for entertainment.

Simply making goals, cutting down on overspending, and seeing where you spend is going to allow you to take more control of your money.

Here are some statistics of wealth in the U.S.:

With how expensive everything is getting, now is the time to adjust your spending and savings.

Budget Binder and Cash Envelopes for Cash Stuffing

Do you struggle with overspending on your credit cards and your monthly income disappears too fast? You might want to try a cash stuffing binder. This method helps you to allocate cash to specific areas so you don’t overspend.

Many people find that they spend just as much as they need when they use cash instead of card. You see physically just how much you’re spending on each item.

You’ll have one envelope for your phone bill, one envelope for entertainment, etc.

Personal Finance Book

Learn how to create a budget on your current salary and invest in your future with the Clever Girl Finance book.

It is important to constantly be reading personal finance books and blogs. There is so much to learn and having the basic understanding of how to build a good credit score, pay down debt fast, and invest is so important to learn earlier.

If you’re younger now, investing in your personal finance education should be your top priority. Having a bad credit score can shut out many opportunities available to you like getting an approval for car loans, an apartment, and possibly even for some jobs.

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Resistance Bands

These resistance bands are good for beginners and will help you get more shape in your butt, legs, and hips. You can use these with whatever you’re wearing, even on skin.

It comes with a training guide and workout videos on how to do a variety of exercises.

Waist Trimmer

Looking to lose weight this year around your waist? Try out this waist trimmer which adjusts to your body shape and size.

It will stay comfortable even when you have a high-intensity workout session and will make you sweat more. You’ll be able to use this wherever you go.

Fitbit Watch

Track your heart rate, steps, calories burned, play music, and more right from this Fitbit watch. It also includes Alexa and you can control your other smart home devices.

This will help you stay on track throughout the day.

Fitness Planner

If you struggle with staying on track with working out, you might need a fitness planner to track your habits. Set your goals, track your habits, and see the results at the end.

You’re more likely to accomplish your goals when you write them down and break them down into bite-sized things to accomplish.

Personal Care


Do you hate flossing and often get told by your dentist that you need to floss more? Get a Waterpik! This is especially helpful in getting rid of the food between your teeth and taking care of your gums.

Flossing could also be difficult if you have braces which a waterpik could help.

Electric Toothbrush

Get more plaque off your teeth with a rechargeable electric toothbrush. All you need to do is change out the toothbrush heads.

If you drink a lot of coffee or tea, it’s important to get a deeper cleaning every day.


Do you have bad breath? This dentist-formulated mouthwash helps to clean out the bacteria in your mouth and leaves a minty aftertaste.

After you’re done brushing with the electric toothbrush and using the waterpik, you can clean your mouth with this mouth wash.


Passport Holder

After the past few years, more people are looking forward to traveling and getting out of their state or country. If you get a passport, you’ll need a passport holder to not ruin it.

Travel is a huge part of many people’s glow up experiences. You get to go to a whole new place where no one knows you and be your true self without judgement!

I highly recommend traveling solo as it helps build your confidence.

Duffle Bag

Travel with this water resistant duffle bag. You can use it for multiple purposes like camping and going to the gym also.

It allows you to separate wet items from dry ones.

Toiletry Case

Organize your small items like makeup with this toiletry case. Prevent lotion, body wash, face wash, etc. from spilling in your luggage.

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What other things are you planning for your glow up in 2023?

glow up in 2023

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