30 Day Glow Up Challenge To Transform Your Life

30 Day Glow Up Challenge to Transform Your Life

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Are you ready to transform your life this year in a month? Tired of feeling like you’re getting nowhere in life and need a reset? Try this 30 Day Glow Up Challenge!

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What is included in this Glow Up challenge?

This is more than just improving your appearance. This is a whole life transformation. You got to start thinking of a glow up as beyond physical beauty and start leveling up in your life in all areas. This includes personal finances, career, your confidence, self-love, and mental health.

So let’s start this 30 day glow up challenge!

Day 1: Reflection & Goal Setting in a Journal

The first thing you have to do is reflect on your life and start writing down your goals you want to achieve over the next 30 days. I’ve added 30 ideas, one for each day.

Journal Prompts

  • What are the top 3 things that hold me back from achieving my potential?
  • Is there anything I can change in my life to improve myself?
  • What makes my heart feel happy?
  • What are my best 3 personality traits?

Day 2: Cut Out Toxic People & Situations From Your Life

You can’t glow up if you don’t end things that are really stressing you out mentally that are within your control. If you’re allowing toxic people to take advantage of you, this is your time to start standing up for yourself and saying no.

Just because they are a family member, doesn’t mean you have to stay around them if they’re abusive. This goes for friends too. Only keep friends who are giving back to you. They should not be one-sided.

Day 3: Meal Prep & Improve Your Diet

One of the tasks of adulting is learning how to meal prep for each week. If you’re not keeping track of your diet, it’s difficult to know whether you’re getting all your nutrients. Plan all your meals in a calendar and cook more healthy meals.

This will help to improve your productivity, mental well-being, skin, hair and health. Meal prepping is something you should be doing every week of your 30 day glow up challenge.

Day 4: Start Your Exercise Routine

Start exercising every day even if it’s just 10 to 30 mins. Use an alarm to remind yourself or download a workout app with tutorials. Pick a time of day when you’re most in the mood to exercise and exercise at the same time every day.

Choose what part of your body you want to get more in shape and look for workouts for that. Have an accountability partner if you need some encouragement.

Day 5: Social Media Detox

Social Media gets really toxic after spending so much time on it. A lot of people argue over politics or start harassing others on the platforms. There are people who are constantly posting their life on there with only the best parts of their life.

Then you start to compare yourself to unrealistic standards. It’s so important to limit your time on social media with all that is going on in the world. Take a day or so break from social media and focus on yourself instead.

Day 6: Take yourself on a Solo Date

One of the most empowering things you can do for yourself is to take yourself out on a solo date. You need to prioritize yourself and your mental health. Taking yourself out and spending time alone with your thoughts is a great way to do that.

Go to a cafe and sit outside while reading a book. Have a cute little simple picnic at a park or the beach.

Day 7: Create a consistent skincare routine

To improve your skin, it’s important to take care of it morning and night. Never go to sleep without washing your face and moisturizing it. Search up your skin type and which products are best to use. You don’t need to use a bunch of products and can keep it simple.

If you are on a budget or want to be more sustainable, you can create your own skincare products like a face scrub or mask.

Day 8: Start Budgeting in a Planner

If you’re not tracking your expenses, then you could potentially be wasting a lot of your money. Grab a planner or use an excel sheet and get the budgeting. If you have leftover money you should be paying off debt, saving for a rainy day, investing, or leveling up your skills.

Day 9: Challenge Yourself to Overcome a Fear

Have a fear of public speaking? Start attending events that you are super passionate about and talk to a new person or reach out to someone that you don’t know and admire. Write down one of your fears that is holding you back and challenge yourself to take a step towards overcoming it today.

Day 10: Try a Bold Hairstyle or Color

We often feel like a new person when we completely change our hairstyle, get a haircut, or dye our hair color. Try something new for fun and start becoming the dream person you want to be.

30 Day Glow Up Challenge

Day 11: Get More Sleep

Make sure you’re getting the full recommended hours of sleep. Get off of social media an hour before you go to sleep. On average, it’s 8 hours of recommended sleep. Are you getting enough?

Day 12: Write a Love Letter to Yourself

Write a love letter to your younger self, to where you are right now or your future self. What do you want to say? Any encouraging words? Write it down and put it in an envelope to read at a later time when you’re feeling down.

Day 13: Start Saving for an Emergency

Start saving a portion of your income even if it’s just a $1 a day. When the economy crashes, you will be glad that you have some money to fall back on if you were to lose your job.

If someone saves $1 per day, that’s $365 in a year and if they saved $10 per day, then that would be $3,650. Start small and work your way up.

Day 14: Update Your Resume

Don’t wait until you’re in the job market to apply for another job. Keep your resume updated every season with new achievements. It’s so important to track everything you’ve done in your job and what you accomplished so you can easily bring up examples in your next interview.

Even better would be to have an industry expert review your resume to see if it would pass through the review.

Day 15: Deep Condition Your Hair

Dry hair is so annoying. Deep conditioning your hair several times a month is so important. It helps to prevent damage and repairs your ends. Help your hair to shine by making sure it gets that extra moisture.

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Day 16: Get a mani-pedi

Treat yourself to a spa day! Get your nails and feet done deluxe version. I ordered my own products just so I can do this whole routine at home and not waste hundreds of dollars every year going to the nail salon.

Day 17: Change the layout of your room

Whenever I want to improve my mood or it’s a new season, I change the layout of my room. Try moving your bed to another side and shifting everything else. You might find a fun and creative way to make your room more vibrant.

Day 18: Learn How You Can Diversify Your Income

You’re highly likely to lose your job at some point in your life. It’s important to have a backup plan. Is there a way you can create passive income? This is what sets the rich apart is that they have multiple sources and don’t have to worry about how they are going to pay their bills or debt.

Day 19: Learn a new skill today

Choose a skill that you always wanted to learn and focus on ONE aspect of that skill and try to learn something small. It’s all about that first step of just getting started and the rest can follow. Challenging yourself everyday should be a part of your 30 day glow up challenge.

Day 20: Turn on your favorite playlist and dance

Music and dancing is one of the best stress relievers. Turn up your favorite songs and start dancing in your room like no one is watching. If you want, you can even have a karaoke.

Day 21: Swap out your junk food for healthy snacks

Take care of your health by decreasing the amount of junk food you eat every day. It’s so tempting to just keep eating or choose something quick. But if you prep your healthy snacks beforehand, you can get so much more nutrients in your diet.

Day 22: Change your pillowcase

There’s so much bacteria on pillows over time. Make sure you swap out your pillow case with a clean one once or twice per week to avoid getting more acne. Best case scenario would be to sleep on your back.

Day 23: Listen to a personal growth podcast

There’s a ton of great personal growth podcasts on the internet! Choose something you always wanted to learn or something you struggle with to start. For example, you could listen to wealth-building podcasts if you wanted to learn how to manage your finances.

Day 24: Create a self-care kit

Everyone should have their own go-to self-care kit full of things that they love. Get a bin and have your items in it for whenever you are feeling down or just bored. This could include many things like tea, a cozy throw blanket, a coloring book, etc.

Day 25: Make a green smoothie

If you’re horrible at getting your daily vegetables, smoothies are definitely the way to go. Put your daily servings of fruits and vegetables in there and drink it all in one go or throughout the day.

Day 26: Take a relaxing bath with candles

What better way to relax your tense muscles than take a hot relaxing bath? Light some candles, play some chill music and relax for a while. There’s always some time for self-care.

Day 27: Do something kind for your neighbor

Spread the love and do something for your neighbor! Not many people really do much for their neighbors so help to make their day and do something nice for them. You never know what they’re going through.

30 Day Glow Up Challenge to Transform Your Life

Day 28: Plan a future solo travel trip

As life gets closer to become normal, it’s time to start planning your vacations. Everyone should definitely take a few solo trips in their lifetime. It’s one thing to go with others, but traveling solo gives you the opportunity to do whatever you want when you want.

Day 29: Create a vision board

Create your vision board for what you want to do after these 30 days. Where do you see yourself in the next year? 10 years? It doesn’t have to be concrete. But just take note of your dream life of the person you want to be in the future.

Day 30: Find a mentor to help you along your journey

It’s always great to have a mentor for multiple areas of your life. You can have a mentor for things outside your career like to help you work on your confidence or manage your finances. A mentor doesn’t have to be that far in life either. They just need to have a bit more experience than you.

What else do you plan to do in your 30 day glow up challenge?

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