Self Care Bath Routine

5 Steps to Build Your Self Care Bath Routine

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This year I’m trying to focus more on taking care of myself at home, including a self care bath routine.

There’s so much that goes in our lives that distracts us. Do you feel like you’re disassociating with life with everything that is going on?

It’s time for you to shut everything off. Your TV, phone, etc. and spend an evening at home without being constantly on social media.

Remember when you were younger and how much wonder you had for the world? Try to recreate that now. Take breaks and enjoy the moment you are in.

Calm your mind and connect back to the present.

What I’m doing this year is investing in things that make me feel happy over time which includes slow living.

Here are five steps for building your self care bath routine to take better care of yourself.

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How to Build Your Self Care Bath Routine

Self Care Bath Routine

1. Set the Mood

Light some candles

Try to have multiple smaller candles so that you can see when you turn off the lights.

Fake Vines for Wall

Vines will help your bathroom feel more like another world. Bring as much plants whether real or fake as you can into your bathroom.

Star Projector with White Noise

Add some more fun and aesthetics with a star projector where you can change the colors depending on your theme. In addition, you can add white noise or use bluetooth to play music on it.

Bathtub Tray

Do you want to be able to have more things when you are taking a bath without creating a mess? A bathtub tray can help you organize your items while also giving you the option to watch something on your phone or read a book.

2. Prepare the bath

Bath Salts

Get some bath salts or epsolm salts to relieve sore muscles. It includes essential oils to help calm you. I like to combine it with bath bombs.

Bubble Bath

My favorite part of the bath is making bubbles. It’s so much fun and my favorite is the Dr Teal’s Foaming Bath because it’s really bubbly. I don’t like bubble bath soap that doesn’t bubble enough, y’know?

The best one is the Melatonin one if you want to fall asleep quickly after getting out of the bath.

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3. Clean Yourself

Exfoliating Body Scrubber

You should use some type of exfoliator once per week. You can use an exfoliating body scrubber while washing yourself with a body wash.

If you have sensitive skin, use softer exfoliation.

Body Wash

My favorite body wash is the method body wash. So far I’ve used the simply nourish and pure peace ones. I love how they have multiple scents in one.

4. Relax with Spa Treatment

Under Eye Masks

When taking care of your skin, make sure to take care of your eyes too. The eyes and neck are some of the most uncared for places that people tend to not focus on as much.

Prevent wrinkles and brighten your skin with eye masks.

Sheet Masks

Use a sheet mask while soaking for 15 – 30 mins. I always keep a ton of sheet masks because they’re so relaxing. You can take them anywhere.

5. Activities

Lastly, watch a tv show or movie on your phone. You can put it on the bath tray and prop it up. Or you can read a book.

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