7 Mindset Shifts to Get Out of a Mental Slump

7 Mindset Shifts to Get Out of a Mental Slump

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Has this year kicked your butt? Do you feel stuck in life like nothing is changing for you? Read on to find out how to get out of a mental slump.

The past few years have been rough for many. It’s time for a mental glow up and shift your perspective.

I have been in this place for the past couple of years. It seems many young people these days are going through the same things: stagnancy in career, finances, being able to move out their parent’s house, and making friends.

Gen Z is significantly more likely to report having stress than any other generation.

Every day feels the same. You need a refresher in life. How can you add some fun to your daily routine?

1. Get out of the house and go somewhere new

Even if you can’t travel, go to a new restaurant, historic site, or somewhere you’ve never been in your town.

After being stuck in the house for all these years, it’s so exciting to be able to travel again, but it took some time to get used to. You have to learn how to stop being a hermit and put yourself out there.

There’s many places to go to that don’t involve crowds of people also if you’re not comfortable. One thing I’m doing more of that I’ve never done before is do more outdoor activities.

I’ve always been an indoor person. But people’s moods are very heavily influenced by the amount of natural light they get in their day. So try to get outside more.

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2. Try a different new hobby you’ve never heard of

Is there anything you recently heard of on social media or in your peer group that sounds exciting to try but you never invested in it because you thought it’s above your skill level?

You’re bored because there’s nothing new in your life. So you have to create new activities. This requires you to constantly be expanding and learning. Not just in your career, actually take the time to personally pursue your own hobbies.

Too many people focus on getting ready for work, going to work, going home and streaming shows before they go to sleep. It’s easy to get bored with life this way while scrolling through social media looking at influencers doing so many cool things.

I got super into cottagecore after everything shut down and discovered that I really liked homemaking activities when I identified so much with my ambitious career goals before 2020.

It was like discovering a new identity.

3. Create a seasonal bucket list challenge with your friends

Are your friends also feeling bored or stressed with life? Create a competitive challenge with them to help them also to get out of a mental slump!

Fall/Winter Challenges:

  • Get a pumpkin spice or peppermint latte
  • Make a snowman
  • Knit a scarf

Spring/Summer Challenges:

  • Make lemonade
  • Get a gym membership
  • Go on a weekend vacay

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4. Make a vision board with what new things you want to try

Sometimes you forget later on the year your goals of trying to live a more fun life and you start to go back into the mental slump.

That’s why you should have a vision board to refer to throughout the year and revisit it. You can create a physical vision board, but these days I find having a digital one to be just as important.

It’s way more easier to edit a digital vision board every quarter to review your goals and track your progress.

5. Surround yourself with people that are living their best life

Happy people inspire other people to become happy. Surround yourself with people who make you feel excited with life again.

They’re constantly going out or doing something fun whether that is going places or doing fun hobbies at home.

I had friends who were very bubbly and funny. They also knew all the secret places in town and really changed my mind about the areas I lived in.

When you’re surrounded by the same old same old, it’s great to have friends to give you a new perspective!

6. Leave your work at work and be selfish with your personal time

If your work is stressful or if you hate your job, stop complaining about it after work. You need to start treating your work like it’s a side hustle and your personal life as full-time.

You only get so many hours in a day, cherish that time and don’t spend another minute dreading going into work the next day the night before.

I had to learn this the hard way when I was so committed to my job that I was overworking myself. When it’s 5 p.m. tell your boss bye and spend the rest of the evening doing what you want.

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7. Reset your daily routines, see new people and places

Just like how you do a Spring cleanup of your house, do one for your routines. Track your habits and see which ones have to go.

I am so bad with creating routines and this has been the top thing I have been learning this year with a full-time job and trying to grow a business while also trying to pursue my own happiness.

With such limited time, you really have to create routines so that you can make more time to do the things you want to do.

If that means using Google Calendar to go to a local cafe to get out of the house and hang with a friend, then do that. Change your schedule every season.

What do you feel like you have to change in your life to get out of a mental slump?

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