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9 Ideas for Your 2024 Digital Vision Board

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It’s that time of year again to plan for your yearly goals! Do you want to make a digital vision board instead of buying a bunch of magazines?

You can easily create one online for free on websites like Notion and Trello. For more of a mood board style, you can use Canva and Pinterest.

The purpose of a vision board is to set goals of what you want to accomplish within the next year and to give you the motivation to achieve big things that could improve your life.

How do you create a vision board? You look for images of people and things that inspire you, including inspirational words. Then you turn it into a collage.

In this article, I discuss the 9 different life areas you can brainstorm goals for in your digital vision board.

Beauty & Fashion

In this section, you write down your haircare and skincare routine so that you can establish consistency.

Have an exciting product that you want to try? Include product links so you can purchase it in the future instead of trying to remember it months later.

You can also create a mood board of makeup looks that you want to try.

Make a list of the clothes that you would like to purchase and the look you want to go for in the new year.

If you feel your closet is too outdated, start brainstorming ways you can change it up.

Fitness Routine

This board will serve as a good habit tracker. Create your routine for the areas you want to focus on when it comes to your fitness.

Add your favorite workout videos to consistently do throughout the week. Include fitness gear that you would like to purchase in the future.

Meal Planning

Tired of eating whatever sounds good? Do you not get enough nutrients and feel exhausted most of the time?

You need a meal plan in combination with your fitness plan. What you eat is just as important as your skincare and haircare routines too.

In this board, I plan out recipes that I’m going to make to boost my energy levels for the busy week ahead. You can also include fun recipes that you want to try.

One goal I have this year is to create more aesthetic dishes and drinks like a Strawberry Matcha Latte with Boba.

digital vision board

Self-Care Planner

In this board, you can create your own self-care routine and journal prompts.

Set times every day that you will practice self-care and detach from social media.

Write down things that you a grateful for each week and make a list of habits to make anytime you’re stressed out.

Create a list of things that you want to put into your self-care kit.

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As much as you pour into yourself, you should be seeking to help others also. In what areas can you help someone in need that you are skilled in?

You can list nonprofits you want to volunteer for, start your own volunteer opportunity, or help your friends. You can also list causes you want to donate to.

Hobbies & Interests

Do you struggle with finding hobbies to try? Create a full list of everything that sounds interesting to you.

Every year, I always create activities that I want to focus on for each season. Like I want to go strawberry picking during Spring/Summer and start baking a lot during Fall/Winter.

It’s a ton of fun to have hobbies based on the seasons and doing things you normally wouldn’t.

In this board, you can create your ultimate bucket list of hobbies you want to try.

Home Decor

Have you always wanted a cute, cozy, or aesthetic room? Create a mood board for your dream room!

Add items that you want to purchase, including things that you need to make your room more organized. This year I bought my first drawer organizers and they were a game changer.

There are so many little details that go into making your room feel more comfortable and having a list of things you need is a huge help.

Travel Goals

I know travel can be so expensive, especially today. But it’s okay to dream a little. Create a list of all the places you’ve always dreamt of going to.

Write down all the things that you would want to do in each country, state, or city. Make your own travel itinerary and estimate the costs.

Once you have the funds to travel, you will have taken half the work out of it.

Start adding travel gear that you would need to purchase and add pictures of past travel experiences you’ve had.

Personal Finance

It’s so important to track your spending to see where you might be spending too much. For example, when I was in college, I spent 2/3 of my income just on food.

I ate out way too much with friends and wanted to try out every new interesting restaurant. It’s important to set specific limits for each category so you don’t run into issues with saving enough.

Include goals that you have with your finances. Do you want to pay off your student loans or a car payment? Set up a timeline and how much you will contribute each month.

Then check off each month when you meet the goals.

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After creating your digital vision board, you can screenshot it and save it to your desktop or print it to hang on your wall.

With all New Year’s resolutions, you should constantly review them throughout the year to stay on track and see what you have accomplished.

It might not seem like you are hitting your goals, but when you look at the small progress, it will motivate you.

Not everything on your board will work out. I made goals at the beginning of last year that did not happen like getting a full-time job in content marketing and getting my own apartment.

If you don’t accomplish everything in 1 year, don’t beat yourself up about it. There’s always next year. And sometimes there will be a change of plans.

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