how to get smooth legs in 7 easy steps

How to get smooth legs in 7 Easy Steps

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Are you tired of having rough and dry legs? During both the winter and summer months, it can be especially hard to maintain moisturized, glowing legs. Many people struggle with knowing how to get smooth legs, but it can be really simple.

It’s great to take care of your face, but you should remember to put just as much effort into all of the skin on the rest of your body. Most people just wash themselves and put lotion on, but there are so many other things they should be doing to take care of their skin depending on their needs.

For example, if you have stretch marks or scars, you could be using body oils to fade them.

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how to get smooth legs in 7 easy steps

How to get smooth legs

Use lukewarm water and hydrating soap when washing your legs

Hot water dries out your legs. If your skin is turning red, you need to lower the temperature.

Soap is just as important for keeping your legs moisturized. Avoid soaps that make your legs dry like ones that include sulfates and look for hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, oils, etc.

Exfoliate with a gentle scrub before you shave

When I visited Korea, they kept saying that they used exfoliating gloves or towels when they washed their bodies. It’s an absolute must in the beauty routine.

I used to think I could just get soft skin with only using a body wash and lotion, but you got to get rid of the dead skin too.

Don’t look for something too harsh for your skin and go with something gentle. It makes your skin drier if the product is too rough. You also don’t want to exfoliate every day.

I like using rice milk in my skincare routine for glowing skin and the Dove exfoliating body polish includes it.

Shave with a good razor

Use a good razor, not one that has started to rust. Shave in the same direction your hair grows in small strokes to make sure you really shave correctly. Use a shaving cream at this stage so you decrease your chances of cutting yourself.

If you want, you can also put oil on your legs before you shave. It helps to prevent strawberry legs.

Keep your razors in a dry area and not in your shower because they will rust. Buy the better quality razors and not the super cheap ones for a smoother shave.

I like to use Nair once in a while when I get lazy with shaving and I love the way my legs feel afterward. But follow the directions because there is a time limit of how long to leave it on!

You can also try a wax warmer kit if you prefer to wax your legs instead. You melt the beads in the pot before putting it on your legs.

Put a mask on your legs

I cannot find a good mask yet for my legs like I can for my face. So I just use masks that are typically made for the face on my legs too. I like the dead sea mud mask because they also use these in the spas.

I use this when I do my pedicures, putting it on my feet and legs. You can also try making your own homemade mask.

Soften your legs and fade scars with oils

One oil my doctor recommended after I had surgery to fade scars was Vitamin A and E oils. I’m currently a Target Beauty Consultant and the guests favorite oil is the Bio-Oil for reducing stretch marks and scars.

This dermatologist-recommended oil for all skin types helps to brighten up your skin and moisturize, getting deep into the cracks of your skin.

Put on lotion that makes your legs feel rich

Put lotion all over your legs every day. After you take a shower, your skin is stripped of its moisture. Not all lotions are the same though.

You’ll have to find which ingredients moisturize your skin the best. One good ingredient in lotions is almond oil like the NIVEA Essentially Enriched Body Lotion. I love using the Nivea brand because it makes my skin feel smooth, especially my rough knees and feet.

It smells great too, like baby lotion.

Go to sleep in silk pajamas

I use silk pillow sheets to prevent my hair from drying out. Silk pajamas can do the same for your legs. I often find when I put lotion on, it’s a waste to put cotton on my legs right after.

It also feels higher quality than just sleeping in cotton. I find wearing silk pajamas to be more important in the hotter months when you start sweating more.

The most important part of getting smooth legs is being consistent with it. It’s not going to be immediately smooth the first time you try the routine, but you have to keep doing it.

What’s your best tips for how to get smooth legs?

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