How to Glow Up Mentally

How to Glow Up Mentally: 7 Simple Tips and Habits

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Are you tired of all the glow up content being about how to glow up physically and not enough about how to glow up mentally? There’s so much more to glowing up besides your appearance and most of what glow up culture gets wrong is that it’s not about going from ugly to pretty, glowing up is about becoming a healthier version of you by the rules you set.

Whether that be improving your financial budgeting skills, going to therapy to overcome childhood trauma, just improving your mindset, etc. It’s not only about appearances and it’s definitely not about becoming what society wants you to be physically.

This post is all about how to glow up mentally as that is the true foundation of a glow up.

How to Glow Up Mentally

1. Set Your Own Rules and Goals

You’re more likely to accomplish your goals if you write them down than if you try to remember them from the top of your head. Before working on your mental glow up, imagine who the person you want to be is.

Create a vision board. Write down your favorite people that you look up to. What about their mindset do you like?

Where do you want to be mentally a year from now?

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2. Journal Your Thoughts Often

Even if it’s just 5 minutes per day, write down your thoughts in a journal. Over time, this is a reflection to show you how much you’ve been through and how strong you were to get through it.

I remember going back over journals when I was a teen and re-reading my struggles. It reminds you just how strong you are and can be a way to get the difficult thoughts out of your head when you don’t have someone to talk to.

3. Find a Mentor Who has Been through the Same Thing

Do you often have difficult issues that you don’t know how to solve? Look for someone that has gone through similar difficulties and ask them for advice.

They may help you solve the problem more quickly than if you were to try to figure it out on your own. And most of the time, it just might feel better to talk to someone about it to make you feel like you’re not the only one facing it.

4. Let it all out and Cry

Sometimes the pain is too much to think of how to solve it. At these times, it’s good to just let yourself feel all of your emotions.

I am a very emotional person and feel everyone’s emotions like they are my own. It shakes me to my core and I’ve found the best method is to first cry before I decide what to do. Sometimes I even cry myself to sleep.

It is never good to hold your emotions in and try to be logical with everything. It stops you from growing.

5. Less is More, Get Rid of the Clutter

In society, many people have too much going on in their lives that their mind is always active non-stop. It’s always go, go, go! Take a step back and see what you could use less of in your life.

Are you a hoarder? Can you make your room more organized or minimalistic to help clear your mind after a long day? Do you have too many activities on your schedule that you feel burnt out?

Sometimes it’s just good to do less in a society that always pushes hustle culture. Do you constantly have FMO (Fear of Missing Out?) Sometimes it’s good to schedule times to detox from social media.

6. Unfollow influencers and brands that make you compare yourself

Who you follow on social media has a huge impact on you whether you realize it or not. If you follow too many influencers that project unrealistic beauty standards, you start feeling the need to do so too and comparing your natural appearance.

Fill your social media with those who uplift you and make you feel better about yourself, but also push you to overcome your toxic habits and mindset.

7. Create a retreat area in your home

Make an area in your home that you can take a break in and de-stress from the day. Fill it with positive quotes on the wall, a self-care basket full of your favorite items, and an area where you will get the most peace and quiet.

This can be the place where you take a certain amount of your time every day to focus on yourself and your mental glow up.

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