How to Have the Perfect Spring Aesthetic Picnic

How to Have the Best Spring Aesthetic Picnic

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Having a picnic is the perfect activity to spend time with yourself, family, or friends and come out of the winter blues! It’s been on trend to make an aesthetic picnic. Step away from digital media and take time to enjoy the present moment.

Enjoy all of nature and time with others with this simple activity. This period in time is a reminder for us not to take life for granted and spend more time with those who matter most to us. Picnics are a great way to spend quality time with others.

If you spent all of 2020 indoors, having a picnic is the perfect time to get outside! It may seem impossible to create an aesthetic picnic like the ones you see on social media, but it is totally doable. Learn how you can create the perfect layout for yourself and your crew!

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First, get inspiration from Pinterest and YouTube!

There’s so many influencers who post such great pictures of their picnics! It’s best practice to see what others are doing when planning your first picnic. There’s a lot of details that you might miss, so seeing how they place things will help you visualize the layout of the picnic you would like to create.

Choose a color and style theme. Make your outfit match too!

It’s so critical to have a color and style that is consistent. If you have red, purple, and green, that would clash when you take photos. Make sure the colors go well together and that you have no more than 3 main colors.

Do you want your layout to be cottage core themed or a beach vibe theme? There’s an endless amount of themes you can choose from. Brainstorm your ideas, choose matching colors and find an outfit. If you’re taking photos, you want everything to be consistent and nothing drastically clashing.

Pick what food and/or desserts to bring or make.

Choose foods that are simple to make or buy foods that are easy to set up and clean up. Color coordinate the food to match your theme. Hand foods are the easiest to use, so have plenty of those.

Food Ideas:

  • Sandwiches
  • A loaf or several loaves of French Bread
  • Cheese
  • Salami
  • Jam (Strawberry, Apricot, etc.)
  • Crackers
  • Croissants
  • Fruit (Berries, Grapes, Cherries, Lemons, etc.)
  • Wine, Juice, Tea, Soda, Boba Tea, Coffee, Sparkling Cider, Sparkling Water or Fruit-infused water


  • Macarons
  • Cake
  • Scones
  • Tiramisu
  • Eclairs
  • Cookies
How to Have the Best Spring Aesthetic Picnic

List the different activities you plan on doing.

You want to add some activities so you don’t get bored just talking to each other. You could add painting, board games, reading a book, throwing a frisbee, etc. For my picnic, I’m planning on having a painting activity with my family and playing a card game that everyone will love. Get the input from all people participating.

UNO Card Game


This product comes with three canvas boards and you can paint the scenery around your picnic.

Pick a great location with lots of sun and beautiful nature.

Your environment can make or break your aesthetic picnic layout. Make sure it matches your theme by looking it up online and going in person before if you can. Choose a day that has great weather and is warm. The best time to have a picnic would be late morning to early afternoon as that’s when the sun is the brightest and it’s the warmest part of the day.

Location Ideas:

  • A beach
  • Park
  • By a river or lake
  • In your backyard

Plan the layout of everything. Simple and vibrant is best.

Whenever you try to make something aesthetic, having too many things piled together is a huge no-no. You don’t need a bunch of items to make a great picnic. Planning ahead of time by drawing the layout helps you to not put too many things on your picnic blanket.

Add some flowers (especially a bouquet of flowers), throw blankets that match your theme to cover the waterproof blanket, and some throw pillows to sit on.

How to Have the Best Spring Aesthetic Picnic

Bring the essentials for your aesthetic picnic.

The essentials include:

Flowers – It gives extra aesthetic to your picnic and brings it more to life when you have plants.

Sunscreen – You should always wear sunscreen whenever you go outdoors and especially when you sit outside for long periods of time.

Trash Bags – There’s going to be trash after the picnic, so you need something to throw stuff away in.

Storage Containers – You need something to put the leftover food in when the picnic is over.

Cloth Napkins – It looks nicer than paper napkins.

A Waterproof Blanket – To prevent grass stains and wet grass from making a mess.

Lots of Water – If you only have wine, you are going to want water. So pack a lot of water.

Throw blankets – Use this to cover a waterproof blanket to match your theme. The waterproof blankets tend to not be as aesthetic looking. Throw blankets are also helpful in keeping you warm if the day is cooler.

Silverware and plates – This is needed to be able to serve the food. Of course, you need somewhere to place the food while you eat it and ways to grab it.

A picnic basket

~ Picnic Time ‘Heart’ Willow Picnic Basket with Deluxe Service for Two

This picnic basket is considered the most aesthetic by influencers and comes with the full dining set too.

~Picnic Basket for 4 People

If you have a larger group, you want to get a picnic basket that can accommodate.

A Cheeseboard for your cheese, fruit, and crackers.

Cheese Board and Knife Set

Food looks a lot better on wood boards than on plates. Plus you need cutting boards because you have to slice the cheese and fruit.

A waterproof picnic blanket

Extra Large Picnic Blanket

A waterproof blanket is important so you don’t get wet if the grass is wet. It also helps to prevent your throw blankets from getting dirty.

Outline the schedule for the day.

Choose how long you want to be outside and when you will do each activity. Make sure to add your photoshoot before you start eating and messing things up. You can take videos and photos throughout the day too.

Add some music that goes with the theme

Bring a bluetooth stereo and have a prepared playlist to set the mood. Spotify has a lot of great playlists for different kinds of themes. Get some ideas from there or YouTube. Disney and European music works great.

Add some extra small details.

You can add some candles to create a more romantic vibe. Try a high tea set that you can put all your desserts on for a prettier layout than just laying them flat on a plate and it gives those European vibes. Some people even put herbs on their cheeseboard to make it look fancier. The more time and effort you put into the planning process, the better it’s likely to turn out.

Find affordable items in discount or thrift stores.

Don’t buy all your items through regular stores, try to find things for sale one Facebook marketplace or a thrift store. Reuse some of the items that you have in your home. Get creative and try some DIY projects! Having a picnic can get expensive quick, so just focus more on keeping it simple and the layout.

Have fun!

What’s your favorite Spring picnic aesthetic?

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