How to Live a Soft Life and be Stress Free

How to Live a Soft Life and be Stress Free

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Are you tired of hustle culture and feeling burnt out from all the responsibilities in your life? The alternative to hustle culture is choosing to live a soft life.

Living a soft life means you don’t overwork yourself to the point of burnout, you’re not constantly chasing luxury, you choose to live a balanced lifestyle, and you enjoy living in the moment.

It’s all about living a more simple and comfortable life with less stress.

It’s not always possible to be stress-free. There will be times of stress. It’s more about limiting things in your life that cause you unnecessary stress.

Many of the things that cause us stress in our lives are situations that we have trapped ourselves in. We cannot control everything, but sometimes we do create our own problems.

This whole lifestyle is the opposite of the #GirlBoss movement and instead focuses on what truly makes you feel happy.

How to Live a Soft Life and be Stress Free

Prioritize your mental health instead of climbing the corporate ladder

Hustle culture is about working overtime, climbing the corporate ladder, and creating many income streams.

Previous generations strived very hard to accomplish this, but they found out that companies don’t always reward their hard work and could fire them at any time.

If you focus almost all your time on gaining career and material success, your mental health usually deteriorates. You’ll have less time for a social life, your home will be chaotic, and you’ll feel you never have time for anything.

With all of this, you will constantly feel burnt out and twenty years in, you might regret that you didn’t spend more time taking care of yourself.

Yes, a higher title is nice, but it comes at a price. It often means more stress as you most likely will have to manage a team of people.

To be able to live a soft life, your profession is very important because it takes up a large portion of your day. If you’re always stressed about work, it will trickle down into your free time.

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Remove people that bring nothing but drama into your life

Do you have anyone that is always talking bad about others and is very negative? It might be time to distance yourself from them.

Your inner circle of friends shouldn’t be bringing you down and causing you extra stress in your life.

You are who your closest friends are. Do they make you feel happier and bring you peace? If not, it might be time to get a new circle of friends.

When you’re around negative people all the time, you start to become negative too.

Don’t tell people all of your business, move in silence

The less people know about you, the less they have to gossip about you on. You won’t believe how many people are talking about you behind your back.

Some may even put you down when you share a goal you have. Does anyone in your family tend to do this?

When you make a lot of money and you share how much you’re making, you could attract the wrong kind of people who will beg you for money. Like toxic family who like to leech off of others.

Other areas of your life you should limit posting on your social media or broadcasting to too many people: your relationship issues, entrepreneurship goals, and your insecurities.

Tell people “No” more often, don’t live a busy lifestyle

In high school and college, do you remember those students who got straight A’s, joined a sports team, were the president of their student club, and became widely known?

Do you remember how their mental health was? Did they make enough time to take care of themselves to live a balanced lifestyle? They said yes to everything to become the best.

Chasing achievements and collecting awards comes with a sacrifice. Your free time.

If you’re always busy trying to be the best, you’ll always feel unsatisfied with what you have. The school system taught us that we must always focus on achieving a goal at every point in our lives.

But when you graduate, suddenly there are no goals. You centered your entire life around achievements and now you have an identity crisis.

This is why people are now waking up and choosing to live a slow lifestyle.

And when you’re at work, don’t take on every assignment and do the job of 3. Only choose to take on the tasks that you were hired for.

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How to Live a Soft Life and be Stress Free

Embrace your femininity

In this society, do you feel the pressure to step more into your masculine side?

In the past, everything was centered around working hard, leveling up in your career and finances, and not talking about your mental health.

Now more women than ever are starting to realize the toxic culture of the #GirlBoss movement of always hustling and being the leader. We were taught to be strong, tough, and not depend on any man.

The soft lifestyle is the opposite of that. Sometimes it’s okay to take a step back, embrace your femininity and take care of your mental health. It’s all about balance.

Ways to embrace your femininity:

  • Practice the art of slow living
  • Dress up in something that makes you feel cute
  • Let someone else lead sometimes
  • Embrace your emotions

Treat yourself at the end of the day

Take a moment to de-stress and relax. Have a glass of wine, cheese, fruit, and take a bubble bath. Eat comfort food and watch a movie or read a book and drink tea.

If you had a hard day, you should spend more time focusing on combating that with more self-care. Do the hobbies that you enjoy doing.

“For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” 1 Timothy 6:10

How to Live a Soft Life and be Stress Free

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