25 Solo Date Ideas for Singles during Quarantine

25 Fun & Simple Solo Date Ideas for Singles

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One of the top things we’ve all had to prioritize since 2020 is our mental health and being more comfortable with spending time alone. With all that is happening in the world, it’s more important than ever to make sure to shut things off sometimes and take a break to take care of yourself. 

One way to take care of yourself is to go on a solo date.

During your solo dates, it’s a good time to learn more about yourself, where you’re at, and where you want to go. Here are 25 solo date ideas for singles!

25 Solo Date Ideas For Singles During Quarantine

25 solo date ideas for singles:

1. Make yourself a fancy home-cooked meal.

Set the table, make those dishes you always wanted to eat, and light the candles. Put some jazz or Disney piano music on and add some extra spice to create that atmosphere you love. Bring out your hopeless romantic side.

2. Write yourself love letters for your future self to read in a few months to a few years.

You can buy some pretty stationery and get to writing. Set a date to reopen them and reflect on how far you have come. Send yourself lots of encouraging notes and all the things you love about yourself.

3. Send your friends and family love letters and care packages.

It’s always great to surprise someone else with gifts too! Choose a few people and have fun with choosing what you think they may like. Many people appreciate a surprise gift and you might brighten up somebody’s entire day!

4. Have a Coffee Date

Listen to a happy, warm playlist, get cozy in a throw blanket and drink your favorite coffee or tea while reading a book or gazing out the window. 

5. Enroll in a Cooking Class

Enroll in a cooking class and improve your cooking skills. There are many low-cost cooking classes on the internet. Or you can choose to watch free cooking YouTube videos and collect a bunch of Pinterest recipes.

6. Try Interior Decorating and Making Your Home Cozy

Decorate your home to make it cozier for you. Change it up depending on the seasons or whenever you feel like you need a mental reset. 

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7. Treat Yourself to a Spa Day

Treat yourself to a facial, deep condition your hair, and/or take a bath with bath bombs and roses!

8. Indulge in Some Wine Tasting

Go purchase different types of wine, cheese, fruit, and create your own mini-wine tasting event just for yourself! Learn the history of each type of wine and play some European music in the background.

9. Start Gardening

There are many affordable plants at stores that you can purchase while going shopping for the essentials. Some easy plants to take care of could be succulents. 

10. Have a Fashion Show and Photo Shoot 

Pick some of your favorite outfits and some that you hardly wear, then mix and match. You might fight some outfit combinations that you haven’t thought of before. Try a new look and take some photos.

11. Save Time for Meditation

Take time to meditate for at least 10 to 30 mins a day. Clearing all the stress away each day is super important to be able to sleep at night.

12. Exercise a Few Times a Week

Pick a workout video on an area that you would like to improve and turn your favorite mood-boosting playlist on. Keep your energy higher by exercising, especially now that most of us have to stay sitting at home for longer periods of time.

13. Go on a Nature Walk

Get out of the house and get some sunshine. Being indoors with no light decreases our mood. 

14. Create a Bucket List

Create a bucket list of everything else that you want to do.

If you choose to go outside, make sure to social distance. You can go for a run or jog, ride a bike, or walk somewhere close to your neighborhood. It’s important to get sunlight during the week as it boosts your mood. 

15. Visit the Library / Bookstore

Create a little cozy area in your home for reading and order several books to read from a range of genres that interest you. Consider also trying something new!

16. Have a Movie Night

Pick some classics or try a new movie that you haven’t watched. Create the setting like how it feels to go to the movies. You could get a screen projector, string lights, some popcorn, and candy.

17. Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Listen to music and look at photos from when you were a kid or any items that you have stored from years ago. You could display some of your happiest memories in your room.

18. Volunteer

There are so many nonprofits looking for volunteers now more than ever! You can help them digitally too. Offer to help in areas that you are talented in. For example, you can help to manage their social media if you are good at that.

19. Get Involved in Creative DIY projects

Make your own artwork or home decor products. Try something you have never done before.

20. Try a new hobby

Painting, drawing, photography, sewing, learning a new language, writing a book, etc. There are so many things you can try!

21. Have a picnic somewhere nice or comfortable

This is trending with a lot of people. Creating the perfect layout for a picnic and taking pictures of the aesthetic. Choose somewhere nice, lay out your blanket, add some flowers and colorful food and drinks.

22. Watch the sunrise or sunset

Start the day or end the day peacefully watching the sky. It’s always great to have some time away from the noisiness of the city/town.

23. Go Shopping at the Farmer’s Market

When they are open, go to the farmer’s market! It’s better to do your shopping outdoors than indoors, especially on beautiful sunny days.

24. Create a Vision Board

Where do you see yourself in the next year? 5 years? 10 years? Grab some magazines, start cutting out words and images, and paste them onto a board in an effort to create a visual plan for your life goals! This will inspire you whenever you get discouraged and remind you of your path. You are always able to change it as needed.

25. Bring the travel experience to your home

Recreate your favorite travel location in your own home. Decorate your place like it, make the country’s food, watch their movies, and play their music.

Do you have any other solo date ideas for singles?


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