Summer Reset: How to Get Your Life Together

Summer Reset: How to Get Your Life Together

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Spring is officially over and it’s summer! Are you ready to launch into your summer reset routine?

A reset routine involves reviewing various aspects of your life, seeing where you can make improvements, and establishing habits to boost your happiness.

You can do this each season to romanticize your life for different times of the year.

It’s about being intentional about how you spend your time and getting rid of things that are no longer what you want out of life. Shedding old skin and embracing the new you that you want to be.

Are you ready to boost your mood and overcome a mental slump?

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Set your goals and Create a Summer Bucket List

Review what didn’t work for you in the last season

To create your summer reset routine, look back at what happened last Spring.

Take note of what you want to stop doing and what you want to remove from your life.

Do you have any toxic friendships that you no longer want? Have you been in the house too much?

Are you bored and need more hobbies? Do you want to make new friends and have new experiences?

Write down all the things that you didn’t like, so you can make intentional goals to overcome them.

Create your Vision Board

I’ve created several vision boards throughout my life. They help inspire you with motivational quotes and images.

You choose which ones that match the dream life you want to live. Make one for the kind of summer that you want to have.

You can collect magazines that you have around the house and get a board from the store.

This vision board book has over 800 pictures and quotes that include relationships, career, wealth, health, adventures, and family.

If you don’t have the budget to buy a ton of magazines, this is a more affordable option.

Create your Pinterest Board

If you don’t want to create a vision board, the alternative is to create an inspirational Pinterest board.

I create a ton of them for my dream room decor and cute outfits I want to buy. It’s hard for me to find my personal style at times, so searching through Pinterest gives me ideas to find my aesthetic.

Make a realistic bucket list of activities

Create a bucket list of things you can realistically achieve this summer. Things that are within your budget and available time.

For example, don’t schedule a long road trip if you don’t have the time or money for it. Only add things that excite you or will improve your life.

Here are some ideas for your bucket list:

  • Go to the drive-in movie theater
  • Shop at the mall with your friends
  • Spend a day at the beach and read summer books
  • Go strawberry picking
  • Watch the sunrise and/or sunset
  • Have a picnic and paint
  • Start a TikTok or YouTube channel
  • Plan a staycation
  • Enroll in a workout class
  • Make smoothies and/or fruit-infused water
  • Update your room for summer
  • Go to brunch with your besties

You can find out more activities in my other article for romanticizing your life during summer.

Declutter and Organize Your Space

After setting your goals, the next step in your summer reset routine is cleaning and organizing your life.

Do you clean up your room just for everything to be messy again the next day?

I’m exactly like this too. That’s why I had to learn to be more intentional with the products I buy.

To be able to keep your space more organized and clutter-free, everything must have a place and you have to avoid hoarding.

This is what I was taught to do in college: “Reduce, reuse, recycle”.

You should first start by reducing the things you buy. Don’t rush to buy things just because you think it is cute.

First, make sure you will actually use it. You don’t have to be a minimalist. Just find your balance.

Next, instead of throwing out things, try to see if you can use it for something else.

I like to reuse glass bottles and mason jars. That jelly jar can be used as a cup for your homemade iced latte instead of buying new cups.

Lastly, recycle your items.

Make sure you recycle plastic and donate clothes you no longer want.

Organize your room with Danish pastel crates

Do you struggle with many tiny items on your desk or bookshelf with no place to put them? Getting organizers for smaller items could be helpful.

I recently have been really into the Danish pastel aesthetic and got some Danish pastel foldable storage crates to organize the random items that have no place.

Organize your space with a multifunctional storage shelf cart

I got a rolling shelf cart for all my beauty products. I buy a lot of beauty products to try for this blog.

You can also use it to hold other things like your books and plants.

Summer Reset Cleaning Ideas:

  • Wash your blankets, pillowcases, and sheets
  • Wipe down your walls
  • Clean your windows

Establish Healthy Habits

Healthy habits to establish:

  • Drink enough water
  • Practice meditation or pray
  • Establish your fitness routine
  • Start meal prepping
  • Get enough sleep

Do you buy groceries and let your healthy food spoil? Then you need to start meal prepping and being intentional with your meal plans.

Don’t just buy anything. Make a list of what you will buy from the grocery store every time to eliminate waste and make sure you’re getting all your nutrients.

I like to buy frozen vegetables and fruit because they stay fresh for longer.

If you aren’t good at cooking or don’t like to cook, then I would focus on making very simple meals that don’t take that much time like 30 mins and under.

I love to make one-pot meals so I can just throw everything together quickly.

Gather your healthy summer recipes

If you want to get started in meal prepping here are some cookbooks: The Ultimate Meal-Prep Cookbook and Healthy Meal Prep: Gluten-free Cookbook.

This will help you take the stress out of meal planning and make a more balanced diet.

Improve your health with a superfood powder smoothie

Eating healthy is so important because it affects everything like your skin, hair, and nail health. It also affects your hormones and whether you feel energized throughout the day or not.

If you take anything away from this article, I recommend focusing on what you eat and drink. This will have the most impact on your mood.

To make sure you get a balanced diet, make sure you’re eating your vitamins. You can also try a superfood powder smoothie to improve your digestive health.

Try a motivational reusable water bottle

It’s summer, so it’s more important that you drink water consistently. Do you struggle with drinking enough water throughout the day and don’t know how much you actually drank?

You can use a reusable water bottle with time markers so you know exactly how much you drank.

Refresh Your Self-Care Routine

If you’ve been overworking yourself or have just been in a mental slump, take this time to improve your self-care routine.

It’s nice if you have skincare products and stuff, but also try to find ways to improve your mental wellness.

This is important to establishing a good mindset for your summer reset routine.

Potential ways to improve your mental health:

  • Journal daily or weekly, including gratitude prompts
  • Go outside every day, get some sun, and go for a walk
  • Balance your hormones by improving your eating habits
  • Take breaks from or reduce your time on social media
  • Unfollow influencers who make you feel bad about yourself

Make time to journal

To improve your mental wellness, it’s important to be aware of how you’re feeling throughout the week.

You can do this with a wellness journal. This journal includes over 280 pages to help you set goals and check in with yourself daily.

I love that it has the wheel of life circle to let you fill in how fulfilled you feel in each aspect of your life like your physical health, hobbies, and mental health.

This can show you what areas of your life you are blessed in and what areas need a bit more work.

Update your skincare routine for more hydration

Your skin is going to be drier in the summer, so look for more products that cool down your face, hydrate, and moisturize.

Some ingredients to prioritize:

  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Aloe Vera
  • Glycerin
  • Niacinamide
  • Cucumber Extract
  • Vitamin E
  • Squalane
  • Honey

e.l.f. Skin Holy Hydration! Face Cream

Do you have dry skin and need an affordable moisturizer? The e.l.f. SKIN Holy Hydration! is one of my favorite moisturizers, especially for summer. It’s super good at keeping the skin hydrated.

Cool your skin down

Cool down your face with a facial ice roller. In the winter, I like heating up my sheet masks. Now that it’s summer, I use ice packs to cool myself down.

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Plan for Personal Growth and Learning

The summertime is the perfect time to pursue your hobbies and learn new skills. You likely have more free time and feel better with more sun throughout the day.

Take this time to establish new habits and create your dream life.

Things you can do for personal growth:

  • Attend classes to expand or learn a new hobby (art, cooking, etc.)
  • Take online courses to level up your skills
  • Go to your library or bookstore and read books

Establish Strong Habits with Atomic Habits

Have you read the highly-rated Atomic Habits book yet? I like the concept they give about habit stacking.

Adding a new habit that you want to establish right after an existing habit you already have.

Like if you drink coffee every morning, then you try to establish a new habit with that instead of trying to learn a new habit separately.

For example, if you want to journal more, then you can pair it with every time you drink coffee in the morning or after you take a shower.

Final Thoughts

If you like the idea of summer resets, you can also try a monthly reset too!

Book days on your calendar for whenever you feel like you would like to change up your life. Whenever you feel like your life is getting boring and every day feels the same, it’s the perfect time for a reset.

I love embracing the new season and romanticizing my life. Life can be hard. It’s the small things that make you feel better.

You don’t have to make drastic changes to feel better about yourself. Just focus on what will make you feel happier.

What other things do you want to do in your summer reset routine?

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