The Art of Becoming a High Value Woman

The Art of Becoming a High Value Woman

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Do you want to start being more confident and achieve your dreams? Becoming a high value woman is one method of glowing up.

It’s not to be confused with spending a ton of money on yourself or proving yourself to men. It’s more of a journey of self-love.

What is a high value woman?

A high value woman is a woman that knows her worth, is confident in who she is, actively pursues her dreams, and doesn’t accept being treated poorly by others.

She could care less about the judgmental opinions of others and happily pursues her life goals. It does not matter her income status, she carries herself with class.

Live on Your Own Timeline

You’re scrolling social media and you see your friends updated status. Jessica finished college and got a job at a top company immediately after? Good for her.

Simone got married before you and is now traveling the world with her partner? That’s amazing!

Then you reflect on your life, “What am I doing?” Everyone has different timelines and that doesn’t mean yours sucks just because you don’t have those things now.

Don’t create a strict timeline of when you must have everything accomplished like finding the one, getting a great job, buying your first house, becoming financially independent, etc.

Because if it doesn’t happen, you might beat yourself up about it and ignore the progress you have already made. I realized this when I got a job at another nonprofit when I was trying to break into tech.

I felt something was wrong with me, like I wasn’t skilled as everyone else because I was unsuccessful in increasing my income to six-figures and working completely remote.

Like girl, you were making $21/hr at your last nonprofit job and now you’re making $34.61/hr in a management position.

That’s a whole 65% percent increase in income! It’s not high income as I live in the SF Bay Area, but for the first time, I was able to pay all the household bills for multiple people, start paying down debt and save a little.

You see what happens when you narrowly focus on what you lack and compare yourself to others?

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Be okay being alone and enjoying your own company

As you get older, you may notice your friend group shrinking and fake people exiting your life quickly. Life is not about having a bunch of friends, it’s about having quality over quantity.

Do you have too many friends who don’t check in on you, but only come to you when they want something? Sorry hun, those aren’t friends. Making effort goes both ways.

You may not want to be alone and put up with those types of people because of that, but you’ll have to learn to enjoy your time alone.

Do activities by yourself and become your own best friend. When you give yourself the effort you give to others, you’ll start filtering out the fake people better. Those types of friends won’t be interesting to you anymore.

Set boundaries on how people treat you

High value women don’t let their family or others talk down to them. They stick up for themselves. Just because they’re blood relatives doesn’t mean they can continue to give you trauma.

If they don’t correct themselves after you tell them to stop, you need to move them out of your life.

One thing I don’t deal with anymore are narcissists. My dad was high in narcissism and as soon as I stopped dealing with him, my grades significantly improved.

The way people treat you can have a huge impact on your mental health and hold you back in life if you let them treat you poorly.

You have more control than you think in how you respond to people.

Invest in your self-care routine

A lot of women who value themselves spend a lot of time creating their self care routines. It varies from person to person and doesn’t just have to be pedicures and face masks.

It can simply be hanging out with friends, going for a walk, or journaling. Don’t just do what others do in their routines. Take note of what works for you and what makes you feel better.

For me, traveling makes me the happiest over just doing skincare so I’m making the effort to do book more trips.

In addition, make a self care kit of your favorite items so when you’re feeling down you can quickly indulge in your favorite activities.

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Enroll in public speaking classes to build your confidence

A confident woman is good at public speaking. This is one of the key skills that will get you far in life and build your self-confidence in work to get that promotion.

Learning how to command the room without stuttering is so powerful. You can take these classes with your local college or online.

Public speaking is the #1 fear people have, so it’s a valuable skill to master.

Master a skill that you always dreamed of doing

This is such a confidence booster. What’s one thing you always wanted to know how to do but never made plans to actually do it? Put that on your bucket list this year!

For me, when I was job searching and couldn’t find the right job, I took my frustrations and started rage cooking. Haha, I cooked a lot and noticed how much I improved.

You’d be amazed if you set a routine to do something as your outlet, just how far you’ll go with it.

Final Thoughts

There’s so many ways of becoming a high value woman. These are just a few of them. Be sure to keep a journal to set goals and track your progress to building your dream life.

What areas of your life do you hope to improve in this year?

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