The best productivity journals to become 'That Girl'

The Best Productivity Journals to Become ‘That Girl’

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Do you hoard journals in search of one that will make you more productive and then forget about them? Here are some simple productivity journals to become ‘that girl’ that will encourage you to write daily!

If you buy cute journals but struggle with being consistent with using them, you most likely need something that is quicker to fill out and easy to carry in your school backpack or work purse.

What is ‘That Girl’?

That Girl is someone that wants to become more productive and makes small improvements in her daily habits over time. She knows that in order to get more done, she needs to take care of her health, mentally and physically.

Instead of just eating whatever, she’ll intentionally make sure she is getting her daily amount of vegetables so she feels more energetic throughout the day. Instead of hustling all day, she’ll take short breaks to practice mindfulness and self-care.

How can a journal help ‘That Girl’?

It’s hard remembering all the things you have to do to improve your health. A planner can remind you of your goals and provide clarity to what you would like to improve in for your life.

Do you need to drink more water but can’t remember how much you have drank throughout the day? Does your doctor tell you that you need to eat more iron?

Do you want to be more consistent with your fitness routine?

A journal will help you remember all of these things and track your progress to help you establish habits.

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The Best Productivity Journals to Become 'That Girl'

Here are some of the best journals to become ‘That Girl’

Physical Planners

If you’re the type that needs to manually write down your goals, here are some planners that you can carry around with you.

A Simple Productivity Planner

The productivity planner is great for school and work assignments. I used this brand’s journals when I was a college student and I tell you I was the most disorganized, forgetful student.

I have a hard time sitting down to focus and get things done. This was the only journal that worked for me and it was also the only planner I purchased twice.

I love it because it’s so simple and gets you to focus on your top 3 goals instead of listing too many things to do. It adds goals after the top 3 that would be nice to get done, but aren’t critical.

The best part of the planner was when it had me fill in the little bubbles of how long I spent on each task so I could accurately see how productive I was.

If you struggle with watching too much TV, scrolling on social media, and just lack focus, then this planner will help with that. I think it’s also good for those who have ADHD.

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Anecdote Planner

The Anecdote planner is for those that want some flexibility to make the planner their own, but still has some structure. You fill in the dates. It includes a weekly priorities plan, a to-do list, a daily schedule, notes, yearly personal goals, yearly career goals, and a calendar.

Bullet Journal

If you want to craft your own journal’s structure and style while making it aesthetic with art, then try out bullet journaling. You can glue in pictures from magazines, use special colorful pens, and also make a vision board.

You can really make it your own and get inspiration from the internet if no other journals work with your style of productivity.

This planner is best for the artists and those that want a very unique journal.

A Planner Pad

When you want an aesthetic looking desk and want a more open look, a planner without book covers would be a good option.

With the planner pad, you can lay it flat on your desk so you can see your tasks at all times to make sure you’re on track. This is good if you have an office job or work for yourself where you’re at a computer all day.

The Gratitude Journal

Take time to write down what you’re grateful for at the end of the day with the gratitude journal. According to research, it is shown that practicing gratitude is associated with making you happier and feeling more optimistic about your life.

This is one of the top productivity journals to become ‘That Girl’.

A Guided Motivational Journal

The Do It For Yourself Guided Journal is for those that need inspirational quotes and motivational prompts on what to write. This journal is like a life coach.

It helps you focus on accomplishing one goal at a time instead of overwhelming yourself by focusing on too many changes you want to make.

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Stickers for your journal

Categorize your deadlines and priorities with these cute planner stickers. It includes words of encouragement and reminders for self-care.

I like to use planner stickers for my monthly calendar like labeling a certain day as a spa day or when I have an upcoming project due.

It makes me excited to use my planner more often.

Transparent Sticky Notes

Do you put sticky notes in your planner and hate when it blocks the words underneath? Then transparent sticky notes might be good to include.

You can also include these for your school textbooks or office work.

Journal Pens

If you want your planner to be more colorful and draw in your journal, then journal pens would help with that.


Highlighters are also another way to make your planner more colorful. You can highlight important priorities or reminders.

These cute Japanese midliner pens are commonly used in bullet journaling.

Digital Downloadable Planner

If you don’t like carrying around a planner, here are some planners that you can download on your computer or tablet in a PDF.

That Girl Digital Planner

Do you want a planner that literally has everything? Like budgeting, meal planning, self-care routines, goal setting, etc.? Then the ‘That Girl’ planner is a good option and it’s very affordable.

You get so much for only a few dollars. It even has things you might not have even thought of writing down.

This is for you if you don’t want to carry separate planners for different aspects in your life.

A Tablet and pencil for Your Digital Downloads

If you want to write on your digital downloadable, then a tablet would be better than a desktop because you can carry it around with you. You can also a get a pen with your device so you can write in it.

Notion Template Planner

Notion is becoming increasingly popular for being aesthetic and productive. If you want a system that notifies you of your deadlines, then consider a productivity software.

Here is an all-in-one Notion planner to track your daily tasks, self-care, fitness routine, and budget.

There are so many Notion productivity journals to become ‘That Girl’. This one stands out as having more than other Notion templates.

How can you be more consistent with using your planner?

  1. Set a reminder to use your planner for when you’re not too busy.
  2. Use your planner when you have no distractions in an uncluttered environment.
  3. Try the habit stacking method like using your planner with a habit you already do. (Ex. “When I sit down at my computer every morning, I open my planner.”)
  4. Make sure your planner is easily accessible. Make sure it is in your face in a place you frequent.

Final Thoughts

It might take some time for you to find the best productivity journals to become that girl that work for you. It took me a few planners to see which one was right for me.

Start by listing what you struggle with and what you must have in a planner to help you out with those challenges rather than trying to accommodate your life to any random planner.

It’s great that you’re taking the next step to making your life more organized!

The best journals to become 'That Girl'

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