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Welcome to The Glow Up Queen – a blog for women that want to glow up from the inside out in every aspect of their lives!

When you search up the words ‘glow up’, don’t you see almost everything talking only about physical beauty? That’s not the only glow up people should be focusing on.

There are other aspects to glowing up like becoming financially independent, leveling up in your career, building healthy relationships, learning to love yourself, building your confidence, and improving your mental health.

So why does everyone just focus on looking more beautiful and barely touch the other topics? That’s where The Glow Up Queen comes in!

I’m here to help you have a WHOLE LIFE glow up transformation.

My Glow Up Journey

Hi, my name is Jamari and I’m the creator of The Glow Up Queen!Jamari Snipes

So glad that you are here because that means you think the inner glow up is just as important if not more!

I never expected or even thought of creating my own blog before. I didn’t even know that was a thing. I grew up with many insecurities as I was rejected by almost all of my peers except for maybe a couple of kids while growing up.

I always thought something was wrong with me. After college when I didn’t have peers and was solo traveling, I spent a lot of time reflecting on my life. I realized all of my insecurities were in my head.

That’s when I started my self-love journey which led me to create this blog I’m so passionate about!

I can probably relate to you. I have received rejections in many areas: jobs, friendships, unrequited crushes, family members, and financial opportunities.

Every year, I deal with a crisis. I’ve just learned how to roll with it. When you resist the difficulties, it comes back 10x harder. So I learned how to take the challenge head on and transform.